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    What is an API?


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    What is an API?

    Post  shrikantgarud on Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:30 am

    The Application Programmatic Interface or API is a PL/SQL packaged procedure that can be
    used as an alternative to Application online forms for Application data entry and
    The advantage of using an API to update application data is that users can maintain HRMS
    information without using manual entry in Oracle application forms.
    APIs insure the integrity of the interrelationship of Oracle Applications tables. You can
    modify application information without detailed knowledge of the database structure, because
    the API updates all the interrelated tables.
    APIs help protect customer-specific data from database structural changes. As Oracle changes
    table structures, the APIs are modified correspondingly, so that data can continue to be
    modified without error or code updates.


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    Where are APIs located on my system?

    Post  mayurbidkar on Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:32 am

    For Oracle release 10.7, the APIs are located in the operating system directories:
    $PER_TOP/patchsc/107/sql and $PAY_TOP/patchsc/107/sql,
    Refer to filenames like pe???bpi.pkh, py???bpi.pkh, and hr???bpi.pkh,
    where the ??? represents wildcard characters.
    For Oracle release 11 and release 11i, the APIs are located in the operating system
    $PER_TOP/patch/xxx/sql and $PAY_TOP/patch/xxx/sql,
    where xxx represents the release 110 or 115.
    Refer to filenames like pe???api.pkh, py???api.pkh, and hr???api.pkh,
    where ??? represents wildcard characters.

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