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    . In Release 11i, why is the HR_EX_EMPLOYEE_API looking for


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    . In Release 11i, why is the HR_EX_EMPLOYEE_API looking for

    Post  shrikantgarud on Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:07 am

    When terminating employees using the HR_EX_EMPLOYEE_API.actual_termination_emp
    procedure in Release 11i, the following error message may be received. This suggests that a
    default payroll for the benefits assignment is required and missing.
    ORA-20001: Cannot default the monthly payroll for the benefits assignment. The
    business group must have a default monthly payroll assigned. Define a default
    monthly payroll for the business.
    There has been a change to termination functionality in Release 11i. When an assignment is
    terminated, an assignment row of type 'B' is created. This occurs in U.S. and Canadian
    legislations whether or not Oracle Advance Benefits (OAB) is installed. This functionality
    requires each Business Group to have a default monthly payroll defined in the Benefits
    Defaults area. Benefits assignments are linked to the default monthly payroll in order to
    calculate premiums for continuing benefits such as COBRA. This functionality will remain in
    U.S. and Canadian legislations, but will occur in other legislations only if Oracle Benefits is
    installed. Incidentally: other Assignment types may be developed.
    Resolve this error by creating a default Benefits Payroll:
    Step 1: Set your effective date and create a payroll with a period type Calendar Month
    Navigate to HR application > Work Structures > Organization > Description.
    Step 2: Query the Organization.
    Step 3: Select the Business Group on the bottom of the form
    Step 4: Highlight the classification for Business Group
    Step 5: Select Others
    Step 6: Select Benefits Defaults
    Step 7: Select the Default Monthly Payroll defined in Step 1.

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