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    RESUME 2


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    RESUME 2

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    • Having 2 years of total IT experience as an application developer and database administrator. I was Involved in business application
    analysis and coding.
    • Currently working as a Technical Developer on Oracle Applications 11i 11.5.4 with XXX For Offshore client.
    • Currently involved in Interface Development, Form customization, report customization, PL\SQL packages and procedures, Workflow and Discoverer Reports.


    • Oracle Applications 11i (11.5.4)
    Modules: GL, INV, OM, PO.
    • Workflow 2.5.
    • RDBMS Oracle 8i/9i.
    • Discoverer 4i.
    • Forms 6i.
    • Reports 6i.
    • Windows NT.
    • UNIX, LINUX.
    • SQL, PL\SQL
    • SQL Loader


    • Oracle9i Certified Database Associate (OCA).
    • Oracle9i Database Administration Certified Professional (OCP) with an aggregate of 83%.
    • Qualified exam of PL/SQL Programming Units.
    • Currently doing Masters Diploma in International Trade from Symbiosis Center of distance learning.
    • M.COM In Human Resource Management From Banaras Hindu University in year 2001.
    • B.COM from Udai Pratap College in year 1999.

    Project Summary
    XXXX March 2002 to till.

    As a Technical Developer, was involved in the development and customization of reports and forms, interfaces, concurrent programs, PL/SQL API’s, Oracle Workflow 2.5, Discoverer 4i.

    Employer: XXXX
    Client: Offshore Client for XXX
    Role: Technical Developer.
    Modules Worked On: GL, INVENTORY, PO, OM.

    • General ledger budget interface for uploading data from legacy system through SQL Loader and extracting data to legacy system through
    UTL_FILE package.
    • Developed an interface to import journals from external systems with validations and without validations of their code combinations.

    Forms Customization
    • Applications of key flex field for items in form.
    • Launching concurrent program for reporting of replenished consumable items from form.
    • Launching workflow for routing level of Quantity On Hand from form.
    • Application of descriptive flex fields for details of vendors on existing fields.
    • Enabled attachment in the form for additional information of items.

    • Developed an inventory report to get top n items used by a particular sub
    inventory using date hierarchy to get information on yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily basis.
    • Developed a discoverer report to get inventory value of all items organization wise and sub inventory wise.
    • General ledger report for particular account with its respective code combinations.
    • Discoverer report on actual transactions made weekly for particular items.
    • Customized an existing report of order management of discounts offered for particular item (OEXPRPRS).
    • Customized vendor service performance report (POXRVRVD).
    • Discoverer reports for fast moving items based quantity transacted weekly and monthly.

    • Status notification of replenished items, which are below minimum quantity level.
    • Developed a workflow for notification of goods in transit.
    • Notification for --reasons non-payments of dues by customers.
    • Notification to concerned person for special arrangement to pick up heavy items from dock.
    • Developed a workflow to notify concerned authority for expiration of vendor quality certificate in advance.
    • Notifications to make arrangements for bulk items receiving.

    Concurrent Programs
    • Request set of inventory transfer into various departments subject to their receipt and its report respectively on weekly basis.
    • Weekly status of vendor performance for their quality standards.
    • Regular upload budget using Sql Loader.

    • Created standard menu and submenus.
    • Created request groups.
    • Creating various responsibilities and assigning it to users.
    • Added concurrent program definitions to particular request group.
    • Created Users in oracle applications with particular request group.


    XXXXX JUNE 2001 TO FEB 2002.

    Order Processing System.
    Client: OFFSHORE for XXXX

    Environment: Oracle 8, Developer 2000.
    - Was responsible for extracting data through UTL_FILE package from system for analysis and design.
    - Requirement Analysis and Designing the system.
    - Coding, Testing, Implementation of System and user Training
    - Writing sql queries for reporting.
    - Writing pl/sql packages and function for application of required and routing of information.

    DBA Activities

    • Taking hot and cold backup of all existing data files of database on Unix as well as NT environment.
    • Taking backup of control file.
    • Database creation manual as well as with Oracle DBCA.
    • Enabling and disabling user session trace and analysis of output after truncating it through TKPROF.
    • Using export and import utility for transferring objects between databases as well as taking backup of important tables.
    • Database networking using both host naming and local naming on TCP protocols.

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