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    Error Code Collections ORA-00056 - 00062


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    Error Code Collections ORA-00056 - 00062

    Post  shrikantgarud on Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:15 pm

    ORA-00056: DDL lock on object 'string.string' is already held in an incompatible mode
    Cause: An attempt was made to acquire a DDL lock that is already locked.
    Action: This happens if you attempt to drop a table that has parse locks on it.

    ORA-00057: maximum number of temporary table locks exceeded
    Cause: The number of temporary tables equals or exceeds the number of temporary table locks. Temporary tables are often created by large sorts.
    Action: Increase the value of the TEMPORARY_TABLE_LOCKS initialization parameter and warm start.

    ORA-00058: DB_BLOCK_SIZE must be string to mount this database (not string)
    Cause: DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter is wrong for the database being mounted. It does not match the value used to create the database.
    Action: Fix the value of the DB_BLOCK_SIZE parameter or mount a database that matches the value.

    ORA-00059: maximum number of DB_FILES exceeded
    Cause: The value of the DB_FILES initialization parameter was exceeded.
    Action: Increase the value of the DB_FILES parameter and warm start.

    ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource
    Cause: Transactions deadlocked one another while waiting for resources.
    Action: Look at the trace file to see the transactions and resources involved. Retry if necessary.

    ORA-00061: another instance has a different DML_LOCKS setting
    Cause: The shared instance being started is using DML locks, and the running instances are not, or vice-versa.
    Action: Ensure that all instances' INIT.ORA files specify the DML_LOCKS parameter as 0 or all as non-zero.

    ORA-00062: DML full-table lock cannot be acquired; DML_LOCKS is 0
    Cause: The instance was started with DML_LOCKS = 0, and the statement being executed needs a full-table lock (S, X, or SSX).
    Action: Restart the instance with DML_LOCKS not equal to zero, and reexecute the statement.

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