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    Need Of staging table


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    Need Of staging table

    Post  shrikantgarud on Sun Jan 27, 2008 8:27 am

    What is the need of a staging table or temporary table in between flat file and standard interface table while transferring data from flat file to interface table?

    1.Once we have data in the interface table we are simply running the standard program and it automatically send data to the base table so in this time we can't do any validations in in between the interface table and base table that'y we use staging table to validate the data before putting into the interface table.Finally the staging tables are used to load the data from legacy systems what ever the client provided .after that we write a validation program to send proper valid data to interface table.

    2.The basic need for a staging table is to serve as another step before loading into the interface tables after which we run oracle standard APIs to load them into the bas tables sometimes even after running APIS we may need some concurrent programmes to be run so for that data to be reflected across the base tables. The staging area serves for updates like date formats (MM-DD-RRRR) and other such critical data format changes neede before we load into interface tables and then running APIS in them . As explained above a bad file if formed while loading if some data format is not in consonance with the API or base file and hence the whole API/validation fails, In some case though it creates a corrupt log file which also indicates the failure of the validation.

    3.These staging tables are used to hold temporary data i.e data with in the temporary table will be automatically get deleted when we issue commit or when we close oracle session that depends on how we create table
    eg: create global temporary table eg1(name varchar2(20),num number(10)) on commit delete rows;

    this will delete the rows on temporary table when we issue a commit at sql prompt.

    moreover these staging tables are used to do some primray validations before inserting data into actual tables.

    so we need data to be erased after inserting into acutal tables. so we go for staging tables.

    we can use normal tables also as staging table but we need to truncate table for each insert. thats why we go for temporary tables.

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