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    Setting Object Characteristics


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    Setting Object Characteristics

    Post  shrikantgarud on Sun Jan 27, 2008 8:35 am

    The characteristics of most form objects, including modules, windows,
    canvases, blocks, regions, and items may be set in the following ways:
    • Inherited through property classes, which cause certain
    properties to be identical in all forms (such as canvas visual
    • At the discretion of the developer during form design (such as
    window sizes)
    • At runtime, by calling standard library routines (such as window

    Shared Objects
    These standards rely extensively on the object referencing capabilities
    of Oracle Forms. These capabilities allow objects to be reused across
    multiple forms, with changes to the master instance automatically
    inherited by forms that share the object. Additionally, these shared
    objects provide flexibility for cross–platform support, allowing Oracle
    Applications to adhere to the look and feel conventions of the platform
    they run on.
    The APPSTAND form contains the master copy of the shared objects.
    It contains the following:
    • Object group STANDARD_PC_AND_VA, which contains the
    Visual Attributes and Property Classes required to implement
    much of the user interface described in the Oracle Applications
    User Interface Standards for Forms–Based Products. A property
    class exists for almost every item and situation needed for
    • Object group STANDARD_TOOLBAR, which contains the
    windows, canvasses, blocks, and items of the Applications
    Toolbar. This group also contains other items which are required
    in all forms but are not necessarily part of the Toolbar.
    • Object group STANDARD_CALENDAR, which contains the
    windows, canvasses, blocks, and items of the Applications
    Object group QUERY_FIND, which contains a window, canvas,
    block, and items used as a starting point for coding a Find
    Window. This object group is copied into each form, rather than
    referenced, so that it can be modified.

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