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    Standard Libraries


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    Standard Libraries

    Post  shrikantgarud on Sun Jan 27, 2008 8:36 am

    Application Object Library contains several libraries that support the
    Oracle Applications User Interface Standards for Forms–Based Products:

    • FNDSQF contains packages and procedures for Message
    Dictionary, flexfields, profiles, and concurrent processing. It also
    has various other utilities for navigation, multicurrency, WHO,

    • APPCORE and APPCORE2 contain the packages and procedures
    that are required of all forms to support the menu, Toolbar, and
    other required standard behaviors. APPCORE2 is a
    near–duplicate of APPCORE intended for use with the CUSTOM

    • APPDAYPK contains the packages that control the Applications

    • APPFLDR contains all of the packages that enable folder blocks.

    • VERT, GLOBE, PSAC, PQH_GEN, GHR, JA, JE, and JL exist to
    support globalization and vertical markets. These libraries are
    for Oracle Applications use only and may not be attached to
    custom forms. However, they appear to be attached to most
    forms based on the TEMPLATE form because they are attached
    to the APPCORE library or other standard libraries.

    • CUSTOM contains stub calls that may be modified to provide
    custom code for Oracle Applications forms without modifying
    the Oracle Applications forms directly.

    The TEMPLATE form includes attachments to the FNDSQF, APPCORE
    and APPDAYPK libraries. Other standard Oracle Applications libraries
    are attached to those libraries and may appear to be attached to the
    TEMPLATE form.

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