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    Overview of Form Development Steps


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    Overview of Form Development Steps

    Post  shrikantgarud on Sun Jan 27, 2008 8:37 am

    This is the general process of building a form that integrates with
    Oracle Applications.
    1. Copy the form TEMPLATE and rename it.
    2. Attach any necessary libraries to your copy of TEMPLATE.
    TEMPLATE comes with several libraries already attached.
    3. Create your form blocks, items, LOVs, and other objects and apply
    appropriate property classes.
    4. Create your window layout in adherence with the Oracle
    Applications User Interface Standards for Forms–Based Products.
    5. Add table handler logic.
    6. Code logic for window and alternative region control.
    7. Add Find windows and/or Row–LOVs and enable Query Find.
    8. Code logic for item relations such as dependent fields.
    9. Code any messages to use Message Dictionary.
    10. Add flexfields logic if necessary.
    11. Add choices to the Special menu and add logic to modify the
    default menu and toolbar behavior if necessary.
    12. Code any other appropriate logic.
    13. Test your form by itself.
    14. Register your form with Oracle Application Object Library.
    15. Create a form function for your form and register any subfunctions.
    16. Add your form function to a menu, or create a custom menu.
    17. Assign your menu to a responsibility and assign your responsibility
    to a user.
    18. Test your form from within Oracle Applications (especially if it
    uses features such as user profiles or function security).

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