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    Report migration form 10.7 to 11i


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    Report migration form 10.7 to 11i

    Post  satish k on Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:41 am


    I have an issue with migrating report from 10.7 to 11i @WIP/ Om responsibility.

    I need some some help to resolve this tables and column mappings comparatively @11i.

    select min(line_id)
    into x_line_id
    from so_line_details
    where supply_source_header_id = :wip_entity_id ;

    I am replacing so_line_details with OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL, there is no column as supply_source_header_id in this table how can i resolve the same is any other table i need to map here...

    Please let me know if more information required.

    Pavan K

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